Research Interests

  • Development and validation of analytical methods for trace level chemical contaminants

  • Understanding the environmental sources, pathways, distribution, fate, and effects of chemical contaminants

  • Wastewater-based Epidemiology - Estimation of consumption rate of drugs in the community

  • Understanding the impact of residual drugs in the environment


Select Research Highlights

  • Press Release - American Chemical Society. Illicit drug use could be higher than previously thought; soars during special events.

  • Yahoo. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 Had a Significant Effect on America's Drug Use.

  • Discover Magazine. People Were Definitely High For the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Study Finds.

  • The Outline. America can lie about its drug problem, but its sewage can’t.

  • Technology Network. Sewage Analysis Reveals Scale of America's Drug Problems. 

  • Quartz. Drug testing sewers show that Americans get lit during holidays and special events. 

  • Inverse. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 had a Significant Effect on America's Drug Use. America's Sewage is Revealing Its Drug Habit.

  • IFL Science. Americans Are Using Way More Party Drugs Than We Thought, According To Their Poop. 

  • Medical Research. Illicit Drug Use Spikes During Special Events.

  • Gizmodo. Sewage Study Finds American Drug Use May Be Worse Than We Thought.

  • Science Daily. Illicit drug use could be higher than previously thought; soars during special events

  • WKMS, an NPR Station. Murray State Researchers Find Illicit Drugs in West Kentucky Water Sources.

  • WPSD Local 6 and Hooked On Science. Eclipse High.

  • Inside Science. Sewage Suggests That People Got High For 2017 Eclipse.

  • LEX 18. Scientific Study Says A Lot Of People Were High During KY Eclipse.

  • Murray Ledger & Times. MSU study tests wastewater for drug use.

  • Blue & Gold, Murray State University. The consumption of illicit drugs in two western Kentucky communities.

  • ACS News. Gauging local illicit drug use in real time could help police fight abuse.

  • BBC. Are sewers flooded with illegal drugs?

  • LC/GC Chromatography Online. Analysis of wastewater in New York State indicates illicit drug consumption.

  • NDTV. New Method May Aid the War on Drugs.

  • Popular Science. Real-time wastewater analysis shows what drugs are being used where.

  • Science News for Students. Artificial sweeteners pollute streams


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